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founder & artist

What began as a quick sketch at a restaurant, and after a few gifts for some friends and family, The Pup Mug Project was born. 


I quickly noticed that I was not alone in my (obsessive) admiration for my pup.

I realized that everyone could benefit from a piece of art that not only captures the personality of their furry friend, but also provides them with something that can be cherished forever.

Once the idea of The Pup Mug Project was born, it was a no brainer that I could utilize this platform to play a small role in improving the lives of all animals.

This desire to support no-kill animal shelters stems from the story of my dog, River:

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the inspriation

River was diagnosed with extreme anxiety in 2014, and he suffered from many behavioral issues. The anxiety was so bad, that putting him down was suggested. At the time, I was heartbroken, but I was not ready to give up on my boy. I decided to try exercise as a cure.

River and I would go on 12-16 mile bike rides, daily, with River pulling me for the first 8 miles. I was blown away by his energy and drive to run as fast and as far as he possibly could.


I also began to take him to doggy daycare once a week to help socialize him with other dogs and people. With the combination of endless exercise and socialization at doggy daycare, River began to show immediate signs of improvement.

Flash forward to today, and River is the dog that I always knew he could be. He is more relaxed and is no longer fearful of strangers, and instead, seeks head scratches from any and everyone he meets.

This story is the real reason behind the purpose of The Pup Mug Project. I personally believe, there is no such thing as a "broken" or "unfixable" dog. Through proper love, care, and training, any dog can be rehabilitated.


I was fortunate to be able to realize my errors with River and work towards correcting them. However, other dogs are not as lucky, and often get abandoned, discarded, or euthanized for very correctable issues.

It is for this reason that supporting no-kill animal shelters is a huge motivating factor in the creation of The Pup Mug Project.